Near Field Communications

Is Near Field Communications Safe for the Customer?

When dealing with near field communication, can we embrace the new technology without security worries by simply taking security measures for malware and viruses.

Mobile Marketing Agencies

Is a Mobile Marketing Agency a Wise Investment?

Companies want to get in on mobile marketing. With the mobile market exploding, it's best to have someone experienced launching the program and monitoring it.

Internet Mobile Marketing

Dig Deeper Into Internet Mobile Marketing

Getting in on the Internet mobile marketing success can be an exciting journey. Why should business owners invest in the viral advertising? What are the benefits?

Why Use Internet Phone Marketing

Internet Phone Marketing is it worth the time and money?

During a day of shopping, there are many questions that customers are asked. No longer the questions asked are, will that be cash, check or charge, but personal questions. It is not uncommon for customers to be asked for zip codes, emails addresses, phone numbers, and cell phones, among many others. The whole reason behind this information is target marketing.

Most people will admit that they have received a text or a phone call from a group who wanted to give them sales information. The information provides the store with the necessary details for their studies.

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   Are URL Shorteners Important

URL Shorteners are they really necessary for today's businesses?

The latest buzz is URL shorteners. There are websites dedicated to shortening the long URL's. The shorter versions of the URL's can be highly useful in marketing. They were originally started because of Twitter. Social marketing has taken over the world and making adjustments to cater to the requirements is necessary. Twitter only allows 140 characters per "tweet". When a URL takes up more than 100 characters, it does not leave much to say in the rest of the "tweet". URL shortener fixes the problem of insufficient space.

Twitter may have started the URL shortening trend, but it has not stopped there.

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