Is There Any Real Benefit To QR Codes?

The funny, small bar codes that can be seen almost everywhere are being embraced by customers. Customers who have the smart phone technology love scanning QR codes. These little codes were originally developed in Japan as a way to track car parts. Today, they are being used all over the world as a plan for manufactures to communicate with their customer base.

Sitting at a restaurant with the family, it can be fun to scan ketchup bottles, magazines, or even menus. With all this technology comes a vast deal of questions from consumers, do we need these bar codes? The codes are meant to be for fun. The customer has no idea when they scan the code where they will end up. The codes could get them to a page for a company sweepstakes or allow a customer to a page that has a free coupon attached to it. The sky is the limit, and this has customers wanting more.

The advertising industry it jumping on the band wagon of QR codes, because it is effective advertising. The saying curiosity killed the cat, is exactly what they are looking for, customer curiosity. Companies want customers to be so curious about where they are going to be taken, that they have to scan the code. The code will bring them to the exact spot where the advertiser wants them to go. It allows the customer to come to the company and makes their job easier. These little codes cost a fraction to product and put on products, but they are paying off in a big way.

Many people are wondering what benefits are in it for them. The benefits for the ordinary person using a QR code can be immense. Oftentimes companies will offer coupons or codes behind the bar code for a percentage off savings. One company was offering a remarkable midnight sale, by invitation only, to those who scanned the bar code and receive a password. Those who are getting private access to sales and coupon discounts are learning what it actually means to stay ahead of the game.

The whole idea behind the new advertising schemes is still to make money, but the method is quite different. The social medial market changed the way companies look at advertising. A famous baking company that products cake mixes and icing posted recipes on their social site. The recipes produced staggering results and customers were asking questions. The communication between the customer and the company is the ultimate goal. By letting a select few in on a special deal, company history or whatever is hidden behind the code, makes some people feel significant.

Since they have been used in Japan for more than a decade, it is safe to say they will be around for some time. The only drawback to having these codes is some people do not have the ability to understand them as their phones are not equipped. There will be a small percentage of the people who will not get on board with the new advertising methods, while others will change fairly quickly. Only time will determine how far this QR marketing will grow, as for now the sky is the limit.

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