Why Use Internet Phone Marketing

During a day of shopping, there are many questions that customers are asked. No longer the questions asked are, will that be cash, check or charge, but personal questions. It is not uncommon for customers to be asked for zip codes, emails addresses, phone numbers, and cell phones, among many others. The whole reason behind this information is target marketing.

Most people will admit that they have received a text or a phone call from a group who wanted to give them sales information. The information provides the store with the necessary details for their studies. They will analyze trends from the information that is given to them. One way they will tract is by zip code, if they do most of their business from a zip code, which is their area of focus. On the other hand, they will use the phone numbers for SMS marketing. SMS, internet marketing and text marketing, are the same thing. They are sales texts and messages places to a cell phone. The benefit to this type of marketing is they can target customers who have already shopped there.

By using the internet, they can send videos, coupons or sales promotions to their customers. The beauty of the whole thing is they can send it to many customers at once. Newspapers, radio and any print advertising is only about 3% effective. As the new generation is constantly on their cell phones, what better way to contact them?

Everyone has a cell phone. It is not uncommon to see at least 50% of people on their cell phones in a store. In the olden days, people were "on their phones" to communicate. In today’s society, people are on their phones to pay bills, text, video chat, surf the web and manage their schedule. Combining all these elements together make an opening for the marketing angle to utilize.

Advertising is expensive. When the social networking sites revolutionized how people communicated, the business world grabs a hold. Social networking is available to both businesses and ordinary people. It provided the public with a great way to keep up to date on long lost friends and family. With busy schedules people just do not have time for their friends and family. Social networking has bridged the gap between people and the lack of time issue. Companies seeing that people can keep up with their friends and family decided they could keep up with their customers.

A popular soup company launched a campaign and was able to show people exciting recipes for the winter time; the results were staggering. Taking a common base soup and adding many things to it got people talking. Soon others were sharing their ideas with others, and the comments were over 500 on the Facebook page. Learning how to get people on their level is all about what advertising is in the current time period.

Mailing flyers to a house prove to be a monumental waste of resources. Usually, the customers that are intended to receive them do not, or they actually, end up in the trash. Statistics say, by sending a text message to a phone, it is usually read within 4 minutes. Most people are so in touch with what is going on with their phones, they respond in less than 5 minutes. Companies are using the obsession with the mobile phone to their advantage. By targeting demographics, they are sending exceptional offers to individual customers and then tracking the yield. The results have been enormous.

One large, plus size clothing company sent 50% off one item coupons, which also gave free shipping. They tracked this code by the number and watched the trends closely. They noticed that it was not just the people who received the code who were ordering, but others. This goes to prove that the theory that word of mouth travels fast, definitely applies.

The whole reason behind internet, mobile marketing is to capture the client in a social process of communication. The extraordinary thing is the customers are talking back, and the feedback has been positive. As time progresses, the country will see more marketing through the phone. When children as young as 8 years old are carrying expensive phones, it is time to reach the customers the electronic way.

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