A Closer Look at Mobile Phone Phobia

Mobile phones or cell phones have now become a facet of modern living. Without them, many people would not have any kind of telephone access at all. Since the mobile phone is now such an important part of peoples’ everyday lives, the fear of losing mobile connections has become more widespread. In fact, recent studies have shown that younger people actually have a true fear of losing any mobile phone contact with their friends and family. This new form of fear is known as “nomophobia”, which is short for no-mobile-phone phobia. In fact, some people are now prone to small panic attacks if they do not have their cell phones with them at all times. People who leave the house without their phones can often suffer bouts of nomophobia. If the phone becomes lost, people will sometimes go to extreme measures in order to find their phone again. People may even leave work or school early in order to go on their quest to find their phones.

A recent survey showed that nomophobia definitely affects young people more than older people. The survey showed that over seventy-five percent of people between the ages of 18-24 were more prone to fearing not having their mobile phone connections. This number dropped as the age group increased, with about sixty-six percent of people between the ages of 25-34 experiencing the same fears. In addition to the age groups, the survey looked at both sexes and found that women were much more prone to being afraid of losing or not having their cell phones around. This can be attributed to motherly instincts and not being able to connect to their children, and due to the fact that more men have two cell phones than women.

It is not confirmed what truly causes nomophobia, but it can in part be attributed to feelings of loneliness and insecurity. The feeling of being connected to someone or something at all times is in part thanks to having a mobile phone at our sides any time of the day or night. Some people actually sleep with their phones at their side at night because it gives them that added sense of security. Since new smart phones have added features such as social networking, games, and other interactive applications, mobile phones have become much more than just a way to talk to someone. They are now the lifeline to the Internet for many people as well as the easiest way to stay in touch with more than one person all at once. For younger people, it is their entertainment device and gives them instant access to games and other things that keep them busy. Mobile phones also contain several tools in one like a weather station, calculator, GPS unit, and camera, to name a few. Without them, many people might feel lost.

Some analysts feel that nomophobia can be dangerous for several reasons. Those who use their phones frequently are prone to various accidents such as texting while driving and getting into a motor vehicle accident, falling up or down stairs, and even suffering from physical ailments such as joint pain in the fingers. While the fear of losing or not having a mobile phone has not officially been diagnosed as a mental illness or disorder just yet, this modern day problem is quickly becoming more commonplace. Most who rely on their phones may not even realize just how much until they lose one or go even one day without access to it. We truly live in a mobile, fast moving society and our need and love of our cell phones is ever increasing.

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