What are the new QR Codes?

Unless one is totally out of touch with the outside world, they may not know what QR codes are. Many consumers have seen these codes, but do not know the correct term. The QR codes are the little two-dimensional bar codes that are appearing on everything from ketchup bottles to periodical articles.

The purpose of these bar codes is to, simply pull, the customer to a particular website or page. It sounds futuristic, but the technology has been around for some time. While American’s are just starting to adopt these modern, generation bar codes, Japan has been using them for over a decade. The bar codes can only be read with a smart phone, and not just any smart phone will see them. In order to understand the bar-codes, one has to have a reader installed on their phone.

Most people think QR codes are fun. They are another way to use a smart phone to keep up with technology. Others do not follow this technology and will have little use for it. What is it that manufacturers are after with these bar codes? It is clear they are after the modern technological audience for sales and relationships?

Since the dawn of the social media generation, businesses have learned that there is a new way to communicate with their customers, and it is quite useful. Customers who once before were unreachable, because of their schedules and interests are now communicating with manufactures in a whole new way. A leading laundry detergent company built a page on a social media channel, within a few days, they had 100,000 followers. They started communicating with their customers and the results were astounding. People started asking questions, and the manufacture answered back. What was once considered a social gathering, quickly turned into an advertising venue? The company put coupons up for a specific time on their website; the response was overwhelming. Products sales are up, customers are happy. because they have someone to talk to and listen to them. The same consideration applies to QR codes, or quick response codes.

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