Is Near Field Communications Safe for the Customer

Crime is something that happens anywhere at any time. Identify theft is on the rise. More than 8 million people suffered from identify theft in 2010 alone. With such anxiety for personal information getting into the wrong hands, some people are wary of the NFC technology.

Near Field Communications technology allows customers to spend with their smart phones. Through downloading an application, one can tap the phone in front of a reader. Once the phone makes contact with the cash register reader, the funds are deducted from their account linked with the phone. To some it is just too easy for the phone to slip into the wrong hands. Others look at the new technology as a plan to adopt an easier lifestyle. By not having to carry money, or credit card, to make payments, leaving the purse or wallet at home can be safer.

Nearly every day it can be heard on the news of pick-pocketing, theft of identity, or stolen purses. When customers do not feel safe even walking down their own street, something must be done. Near Field Communication is allowing people to use one debit card or credit card from their smart phone. The credit cards can be changed and updated easily, but one form of payment can be a cure for some people.

With most things in its beginning stages, there are always the skeptics. There are people who think this will not survive or that it is a prodigious security risk. It could easily be said that it could be dangerous if the phone were to end up in the wrong hands. There are additional security measures that need to be taken for customers who wish to provide personal, financial information on their phones. The security measures would be to protect the phone by using passwords also establishes some additional security devises to ensure safety.

Some are calling the term electronic wallets because the actual wallet is no longer needed. The start of the whole NFC technology has not had the easiest start. While the technology has been available for a good while, it has not caught on like originally anticipated. Primarily the reason for the slow start is consumers did not see the need for their phones to be payment centers. The manufactures did not determine the market as being great. The readers and all the technology that go into these communication devices can be expensive. Some retailers do not want to spend the extra money, if only a handful of their customers are using it. At this time McDonald's, CVS and Starbucks have jumped on board with the easy wallet. One surprising addition to the electronic wallet devises is the taxi cabs in New York City.

The start-up has certainly been slow and bumpy. Customers are now seeing some merchants who are capitalizing on the new NFC technology. Statistics is showing that, in the next year, the merchant and customer loyalty in the new electronic purse will more than triple.

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