The Right and Wrong Way to Use Mobile Phone Marketing

There certainly is not any right or wrong way to market by phone; it is essentially just doing what is right for the customer base one is dealing with. Depending on what type of business, would depend on the type of advertising should be done. An organization, which is primarily household goods, should focus on woman in a demographic age, which would look for these types of products. A store that sells wheelchairs, hospital equipment etc., would not want to target a healthy 35 year old. Using targeting demographics, companies can cherry pick their clients, according to their need.

A lady is sitting in her office, her cell phone rings, and it is her favorite bakery. The message she receives said that everyone who comes in the next 2 hours and mentions the text gets a free dozen donuts. Most people, if possible, would stop by the bakery to claim their prize. What the bakery is counting on is that this woman would not only get her donuts, but also buy bread and other products. The bakery was willing to take the loss on the donuts, because they knew that it was a small price to pay for a customer in the store. Once in the store, this customer might be addicted to a new product and will be a repeat customer.

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on coupons and full page ads that do not work, companies are opting for mobile messaging. By monitoring what previous customers have purchased, they will know how to focus their future purchases. If a woman usually buys a dozen donuts on Fridays, but has not been in for a month, the bakery can easily send her and others a message with a deal. The whole point is to get her back into the store and purchasing.

Word of mouth is another strong thing, which mobile marketing depends on. The woman who got the free donuts, she is going to tell her friend, who will then tell her friend. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising there is. Spreading news, both immoral and enjoyable cannot be helped. Companies depend on word of mouth to help with sales; that is where the mobile marketing comes into play. Often companies will ask for the names and number of other people who might be interested. It is not uncommon to view specific promotions for giving 5 names. Here, are some things to make sure to do, when marketing mobile:

• Get the customer involved

• Listen to the customer’s comments, both bad and good

• Be willing to give away something to acquire a customer

• Always move people from the mobile list when requested

• Take every opportunity to be social with the customer

• Build long and lasting relationships with each customer possible

Here, are some things to avoid when mobile marketing:

• Don’t think the first strategy will make the company rich

• Do not get frustrated, run a sale several times to attract interest

• Do not bother the public; send texts periodically not every day

• Do not be pushy or rude with texts

Mobile marketing can generate sales, but is meant to be fun. Connecting with the customer on a different platform is a terrific way to get interaction. Mobile marketing is to be different from newspapers, which were not impersonal. The moment that mobile marketing becomes a monotonous advertising campaign similar to that of years past, it is time to change it up or get rid of it.

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