Defining SMS Marketing

According to statics, more than 90% of the population has cellular phones. Using the cell phones for advertising is highly useful. Those who have cell phones, almost 95% have the ability to perform SMS advertising communications.

The text messages that are sent to a phone are called SMS messages. SMS is an acronym, which stands for “short message service”. These messages can be send phone to phone, or by a computer. Corporate professionals are finding they can reach a different clientele, with this type of advertising, than they could with older methods. Older methods of newspapers, televisions and radio, are competing with virtual competition. The new generation is into technology. In an elementary school, 50% of the children carry cell phones. The ordinary customer uses their phone for email, text messages, bills and many other things. Because messages are read within 4 minutes, companies are latching on to the attention they receive from potential customers.

It would be appealing to market a coupon to a customer who usually shops a store. It is possible for a woman to be at work and get a coupon and rush to the store on the way home. Studies have found this method of advertising to be effective, by using target marketing. Target marketing is marketing for a specific group. If a store that houses home improvement supplies wants to send out messages, the target audience would be men. They can even target men in a certain demographic parameters.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing? A company can offer coupons and announce upcoming sales to the public. Companies can interact with the public and can actually talk back and forth. Customers get their needs met, companies have sales increased. The one factor that conventional methods of advertising left out was the fun part. Social networking and marketing can be fun for both parties.

If a company is still undecided in whether they should get involved in SMS marketing, perhaps looking at statistics would be helpful. Advertising with newspaper and radio is only about 3% effective. Those who are marketing with SMS are getting a 23% response. SMS marketing is relatively low in cost, especially when considering the cost of newspapers. Having a company that is trained in handling SMS marketing to help is valuable. This new form of marketing is taking the country by storm and companies could not be happier.

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